Events // 8 January 2023

Twiko, our data explorer for end-of-line monitoring

Twiko, our data explorer for end-of-line monitoring

Created entirely by Technowrapp, Twiko is our machine data collection system. Twiko specialises in end-of-line and handling systems. It allows access from any device, anywhere, in real time. Data is collected, processed, visualised and shared to monitor production, performance, consumption and status. The system aims to support the business continuity through the analysis of information. Twiko responds to the customer's ongoing need for data analysis.

Twiko is designed to ensure complete confidentiality of the data. The data is collected according to the international standards ISO S88 - OMAC, which ensures confidentiality and flexibility in the analysis, as well as the possibility to connect to other systems that comply with the standard via an API interface. The Twiko platform is cloud-based and security is guaranteed through the partnership with AWS-AmazonWebService. Through a user-friendly interface, it is possible to access a dashboard dedicated to each system. A page summarising the main KPIs is available, such as Machine Status, which indicates the state of the machine and any need for operator intervention. One KPI is Availability, which shows how much of the equipment is actually available to work versus when it is actually needed. Another KPI is the Production Performance Indicator: it shows how many pallets have been wrapped by the machine or passed through the line, and allows user-definable periods to be compared with others.

A detailed display of production time, machine downtime, alarms, scheduled and unscheduled downtime and consumables replacement is available. Updated in real time, with monthly distribution and benchmarking against the previous month. Daily detail allows focus on significant status changes to easily and instantly see the day's progress.

Twiko also allows you to view the number of pallets wrapped or any other unit produced or handled for the selected period, monitor Consumption and the full history of Events with filter tools.

Twiko allows the user to control the production progress and to intervene quickly in case of unforeseen events by sending a support request directly from the platform.

One particular feature deserves a closer look. TWIKO monitors and highlights the consumption of plastic film used to wrap products, so that in addition to managing and optimising the performance of the plant, the system helps the operator to select maintenance operations and control material savings. Twiko aims to be a tool for responsible consumption management with respect for the environment.

Dania Cescato