News // 19 March 2021

Open letter to customers, suppliers and collaborators

Open letter to customers, suppliers and collaborators

For a year now, our way of living as citizens and workers has been profoundly changed by Covid, a circumstance that has hindered our actions and limited our relationships. We have also experienced the pandemic first hand in our reality, having to readjust our habits to ensure the safety of employees, their families and the community around us, while continuing to produce and guarantee our services. Since the first day of the health emergency, we have rethought our company to continue offering support and assistance in the countries where our systems are installed, keeping every promise. Our collaborators have adapted some of their smart-working activities and replaced visits with virtual video-conference meetings with our customers.

We therefore want to thank our customers for continuing to choose Technowrapp's professionalism and experience, thank you for your trust and for the commitment to ensure the safety and health of our technicians during travel. We used to meet in person to discuss new projects and new ideas, but even through a screen we continued to appreciate your collaboration and felt the trust you place in our way of acting.

We want to thank our suppliers, we are satisfied with the close collaboration established in previous years, which has seen us even more united and ready to cooperate in this difficult time for everyone. If we are able to guarantee deliveries within the predefined times and the usual quality standards of our systems, the merit is also of your punctuality and professionalism. You have done your best to meet our production needs and we are proud to be able to share resources, ideas and expertise with you.

Finally, the most heartfelt thanks go to our collaborators. From the first day of the pandemic you have proved to be a close-knit team able to collaborate even in this difficult situation, despite the distance, always knowing how to reconcile the interests of your families with those of your company, you have all been able to manage moments of strong solicitation without ever get lost. Thanks to your adaptability, your resilience, we have guaranteed punctual deliveries and prompt assistance in every part of the world. You have always maintained Technowrapp's values, every day.

We build a new normal, preserving our history and innovating for a new future, to continue to guarantee well-being, work and health for us and our children.


Priscilla Arnoffi, Alberto Bassani, Andrea Battocchio, Alessio Benassuti, Riccardo Bilesimo, Bruno Erasmo Boldo, Andrea Brandalise, Alvin Jefferson Calogcog, Sandro Cambruzzi, Fabio Casteller, Thomas Ceccato, Alessio Cecchin, Nicola Centa, Giovanni Carnio, Giuliano Cesa, Dania Cescato, Davide Conte, Lorenzo Corso, Massimo Corso, Andrea Costa, Elia D'Agostini, Doviglio D'Incau, Mirjam Dal Soler, Elio Dalla Corte, Giulia Dalla Palma, Matteo Dantone, Massimo De Barba, Davide De Carli, Manuel De Paoli, Ken Chinedu Edeh, Aurelio Faoro, David Furlan, Juri Gasperini, Claudia Giacomin, Davide Iorio, Alberto Libertini, Angelo Lusa, Marco Manfroi, Mattia Marchese, Mirco Maschio, Giulia Merlin, Stefano Minella, Paolo Moro, Rudy Nesta, Denis Oldani, Daniel Pauletti, Paolo Pellizzari, Andrea Pezzè, Matteo Pradel, Carlotta Puglierin, Stefano Rech, Stefano Reguzzo, Nicola Rigon, Dimitri Romagnolo, Alan Schenal, Michele Schenal, Franco Scopel, Lucrezia Simoni, Lorenzo Servoli, Federico Slongo, Marina Strappazzon, Stefania Tatto, Tobia Tommasini, Milly Turrin, Paolo Vieceli, Marco Zamperoni, Alessandro Zancaner, Roberto Zanella, Denis Zannin, Alessandro Zucco.

Davide Ceccarelli, Renzo Lira, Fabrizio Rocchi

Dania Cescato